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A module entirely dedicated to scientific research

Genia is a special module of AgrEGG entirely dedicated to scientific research. Thanks to this tool you will have the opportunity to integrate different public and non-public databases, to have a complete vision of the research results and the best academic studies. 


Genia is the perfect solution for large work groups. Upload, view, integrate and study large quantities of heterogeneous data, from genetic sequencing to bioimaging, and store everything in a portal that is just one click away. 


By storing and presenting your data in a well structured format, our tool will allow you to have a clear vision of the regulatory networks that govern the pathophysiological processes of different clinical developments.


You can use our deep learning algorithms to identify specific patterns of pathological conditions and correlations between different patients or risk factors not yet identified or not yet associated with pathological occurrences.

Smart Research

We support specialists in the treatment and definition of prevention programs in various pathological areas thanks to our excellent integration and visualization of data.

Try our AI-based digital platform for the collection and integration of medical and scientific data.

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