Your power, Your brand, Your K-PRO

Launching your new corporate communication

K-PRO is Prodigys’ integrated platform that enables large companies to structure their corporate communication and extend it to their distributors. Your business will finally achieve a professional digital presence and will get support for its distribution network with a centralized management of their online profiles.

Corporate service

Social connection

Content factory

Data analisys

K-PRO is an innovative tool to structure your corporate communication and extend it to your distribution network. It will also provide you with ongoing support for your cross-channel positioning.

This platform will allow distributors to update and manage quickly and easily the contents of their websites, social medias, adv banners, newsletters and brochures.

A tool for business management

K-PRO makes it possible for companies to monitor the digital activities of their branches live.

It is also possible to have a Prior Approval System to make sure that your content is suitable for online distribution before it is shared.

Assistance in engaging with new clients

K-PRO was born to simplify the digitalization process and the online presence of the various branches of large companies.

This tool can make even the hardest cross-channel marketing activities easy.