The school in your pocket

Your new School Management System

K-SERVICES enables institutions to handle all services in a single data management system. Thanks to its very intuitive web interface, keeping track of each kid’s needs has never been easier. Your institution will be able to organize their canteen, school-bus, after-school, nursery, summer camp services and much more.

Virtual Wallet

Weekly Personalized Menu

School Calendar

Safety tools

With K-SERVICES, parents will be able to create their own virtual wallet to pay for school services. The same tool will also allow the school to manage and share with parents a personalized school calendar and weekly menu for each student.

Due to the typology of data, only SPID authentication will be allowed and a secure storage of data as intended by the GDPR will be guaranteed.

Personalized dashboards

Personalized school calendars and weekly menu will be accessible for each student. These will be tailored on each child's class events and food allergies and intolerance.

Parents will also have the option to report in advance if their child is skipping a meal in order to reduce food waste.

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