Handle payments with a click

Your new Payment Processing System

With MIDA, you will be able to easily administer the direct payments you receive through PayPal, Stripe or other online payments systems. Whether they are for aa service or coming from fundraising campaigns you have launched, you will be able to organize the money you get in the easiest possible way.

Payments Tracking

Progress Tracking

Communication Tools

Fundraising Feature

This tool will allow you to easily keep track of the payments you receive. With our system you will always know who has paid and who hasn’t and you will be able to send payment reminders and other announcements to your clients so that things do not get in the way. With our overall view, you will instantly know how the past year has been and how far you are from reaching your goals.

More than just a Payment Processing System

Thanks to our tool you will be able to keep track of your clients' payments, create dynamic lists, communicate with them and a lot more.

Want to know more?

Let our team help you shape the perfect tool for your needs and provide you with all the professional guidance and support that you need.

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