Fully customizable surveys

Create the perfect survey in the easiest way

With this tool, you will be able to generate the perfect survey
for your company in no time. Whether you want to use
our ready-made templates or create your own, you will see how quick
and easy our tool will make the work for you.


Creating your survey is very easy.

Use our templates and just write your questions down or customize your survey completely with our intuitive interface.


All you need in one practical tool.

Titanium offers more than just a creative space. You will also be able to collect the results in your database and analyze them.


Our tool can be easily integrated.

You can embed surveys in your application, but you can even add a survey creator or implement your own data storage.


With Titanium you will feel safe.

We use SPID and SAML technology for logins and we will help you to comply with the GDPR for your data collection.

Customize your tool

You are in charge of this tool so make the most of it. Titanium works both on cloud and on premises and it can be integrated with online payments and PAGOPa.

Want to know more?

Let our team help you shape the perfect tool for your needs and provide you with all the professional guidance and support that you need.

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